Are there new designs or colour options on the way?

We really feel that we covered all bases when we designed the Cateco®, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve been getting from our first buyers over the past few months validates this notion. However, we’ve also gotten really constructive and exciting ideas to expand the Cateco® line, which we’ve submitted to our R & D team. We’re now in the process of exploring these possibilities!

Does the Cateco® Litter Box really work with any kind of litter?

The Cateco® is designed to function with most types of cat litter, so there’s a really good chance you can keep using what works for you and your pet. To truly take advantage of its odour-eliminating Convactive™ Technology, we recommend using a clumping cat litter.

Where does the name “Cateco” come from?

Well, the “Cat” part is pretty self explanatory. But “Eco” refers to “Economy” and “Ecological”: by vastly reducing the number of full cleanings or overhauls of your litter box(es), you save impressive amounts time and money while using much, much less litter than you would with a conventional litter box. And we think those words resonate with all cat owners.

Four months? Five? What’s the longest I can go without cleaning my Cateco® litter box?

There’s an interesting (some would say cringe-worthy) story behind this. To ensure the Cateco® lived up to the lofty expectations we had for it, its odour-eliminating capabilities were tested extensively at CRIQ, an ISO 17025 laboratory for Quebec’s (Canada) governing body for research and innovation. But we also had a few working prototypes tested by pet owners over a period of about two years. Some were actually never compelled to clean their Cateco® litter boxes (beyond daily maintenance) during that time because odour just never became an issue. While we don’t encourage you to go that long, you’ve got to admit that’s pretty amazing!

Will the Cateco® work in small or poorly ventilated areas?

Yes, amazingly well! During testing, we made sure that the Cateco® could cater to all cat owners, regardless of their living arrangements. This little guy passed all its tests and it’s as happy working in a garage as it is in a basement, a laundry room or a small studio apartment!

How do I cancel a recurring order?

You can contact us at info@cateco.co to request a recurring order cancellation. We will confirm within 48 hours. It is important to contact us at least 48 hours before the next billing cycle to avoid being charged for an extra shipment.

If you created an account with us, you can also access it and cancel it in the recurring orders menu.